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Neurohacking Coach

Hi, I'm Faith Ashenden

Neurohacking Coach

Hi, I'm Faith Ashenden

After years of suffering with multiple chronic illnesses, bed-ridden and desperate for answers, Faith discovered the secret to reclaiming her health and living the life of her dreams. 

In just 9 months, Faith went from bed-ridden to in remission with the power of Nervous System regulation.

"Life but... Make it Magic."

Born from her own Experience, Faith started That Healing Feeling, allowing her to help over 1,000 women step into their power and take their health back. 

She believes that the infrastructure to heal is hardwired into our DNA, and her signature programs help people access that which they already have. 

Today, Faith continues to use the power of nervous system regulation to create the life of her wildest dreams. 

Trained in rrt
Rapid Resolution Therapy
Trauma-Informed Coach

degree in psychology
A degree in behavioral psychology from the university of Texas at Austin
Certified in EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique

Certified Hypnotherapist

Faith's Educational Background

Certified Master NLP

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Pracitioner

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My Step by Step foundational program for those who are new to the world of nervous system regulation.


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My Signature Group Coaching Program curated for women who are ready to use the power of  Nervous System Regulation and subconscious reprogramming to heal. 

health transfomation accelerator

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