The Number One Question:

What's the difference between your programs and others I've seen online?

We're so glad you asked!

First, there's not a single program in this space on the market that offers direct access to the creator and coach of the program, on a daily basis, with lifetime access. HTA isn’t a course, but is an immersive, virtual retreat experience that offers direct facetime with Faith. She is in the group platform Monday through Friday, personally responding to every member, providing a high-touch, tailored experience. No other programs on the market in this space offer that. 

Additionally, all coaching calls are led by Faith; unlike other programs, where calls are led by trained assistant coaches. Faith makes sure that every session is delivered with precision and is tailored to the current needs of the cohort. 

Lastly, hands down, the biggest difference between the curriculum itself and any other competitors on the market is that Faith focuses all her attention on the subconscious mind. Most nervous system programs are primarily focused on brain training, meditation, and even somatics. Faith believes that the most effective way to change the brain is working on a subconscious level, so she brings her unique blend of expertise in Rapid Resolution Therapy (which no competitor is currently able to offer), hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic Programming, and behavioral psychology.

Faith goes a mile deep on an emerging field of study, the subconscious, and challenges the narratives in the space that physical healing has to solely rely on arduous repetition of brain training, talk therapy, and meditation. This is the reason why many students experience spontaneous healing in her sessions. 


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Daily Coaching From Creator of Program

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Additional FAQs

Here are more of the most frequently asked questions about the programs we offer at That Healing Feeling. If you have a question not listed, you can reach out to our team at

How do I know which program is right for me? 

I think the biggest question you want to ask yourself is this - Do I want quick results or am I not ready to go all in (emotionally and physically)? SHS is self-paced and can be tailored to whatever you are wanting at the time. It does not go into trauma work or subconscious reprogramming, as that has to be guided by a practitioner (which is why it’s in HTA). HTA gives quick results. It’s designed to help you meet your goals in 6 weeks, and I ensure that that happens because I’m live coaching you. SHS has no time limit. You can start the membership and dip your feet in the water as and when you want. It’s a great place to start if you aren’t ready to work every single day or dive deep into reprogramming your subconscious and releasing trauma. So ultimately, it comes down to, how deep are you ready to go right now? Both programs will be effective for reducing your unwanted sensations.

What if I want to work with Faith directly? 

Then you must apply for HTA. HTA is the only program that I offer that includes live access to me and weekly live coaching with me.

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How do I know that the program(s) address my needs?

The only prerequisite is that you have an unwanted sensation/s for 6 months or more (that you were not born with). Meaning, this has to be something that was triggered after birth. It doesn’t matter what your diagnosis is. For HTA, the additional prerequisite is that it is a women only program. SHS has no parameters in that department.

Do you guarantee results?

I do for HTA because I am holding you accountable for putting the work in. I cannot hold you accountable in SHS because it is not live coaching. If you are putting in the work consistently and as recommended, then yes, results are guaranteed. Unfortunately there is no way for me to verify that in SHS. My recommendation is to ask yourself - Am I going to be responsible enough to hold myself accountable on a daily basis? If you aren’t going to do this, but you want guaranteed results, you must join HTA. 

Can I do both for a discount?

Yes, you get the membership for free when you join HTA. Once you finish, you get an additional 3 months of access. I will continue to support you after the 6 weeks with a roadmap on how to maintain the success of the program and continue to work through eliminating every symptom.

What if I still don’t know where to start?

I recommend looking through the pages below so you can dive into the specifics of each program. If you are considering HTA, you get the unique opportunity to book a call with us before you join (link for that is on the HTA sales page), so there’s a chance to get questions answered and really understand the program on a more intimate and personal level before diving in.

Still Have a Question?

I have a full team dedicated to answering your questions about what I offer here at That Healing Feeling. Submit an inquiry and my team will get back with you to help!