The NeuroLuxe


The neuroluxe society is an exclusive, private container, accepting less than 5% of applicants.

This 6 month container invites the special few who are looking to take their evolution to the next level.

In this space, Faith walks clients through her signature high level regulatory techniques that incorporate wisdom and communication with your Higher Self. Mind, body, and soul integration allows you to release blockages and manifest the embodiment of wellness that invites your truest desires to manifest quickly and easily.

The NeuroLuxe Society invites direct access to Faith in a way that is not offered in any other program. For those who are truly ready and able - The NeuroLuxe Society awaits. 

The NeuroLuxe



what's included:

  • Access to the group, Faith, and all curriculum for 6 Months

  • In-depth virtual onboarding to paint the picture of your perfect future life

  • 5 live calls

  • Monthly implementation guides on shifting consciousness with exact daily & weekly applications

  • Daily access to the private Facebook community with support from Faith and all members of her team 

  • Access to special guests (primarily Faith’s personal coaches and mentors) 

You might know about my story of healing chronic illness through nervous system regulation.

let’s talk about what came next.

  • The kindest and most aligned husband who creates an expensive reality with me

And so much freaking MORE. The blessings are pouring down. And why? Because I got in alignment with my desires. I said YES to leaning into my intuition and desires and stayed regulated through uncertain times. 

And I learned that anyone can do this. Everyone **should** have this!
We are all equally worthy. It’s just about getting out of our own way.

I want to guide you through this evolution of the self.
I want you to have this.

mastering the art
of nervous system regulation,
you get to quantum leap 

FREEDOM to do and live how I want

  • A peaceful house that fills my heart with overflowing gratitude every single morning

  • 2 healthy pregnancies where I got pregnant both times on the first try

  • The home birth of my dreams

  • Regulated, smooth, and expansive parenting where I teach my children about their soul purpose and how to use this knowledge
  • My own booming business that has been doubling revenue every year to date
  • A daily routine that allows me to have FUN, relax and slow down.

this is for you if you are:

this is not for you if you are:

  • Generally feeling good in yourself, but desire to become the very best version of yourself, physically, mentally, and spiritually

  • Understand that you have a connection with your higher Self and desire to connect more easily in order to manifest and create

  • Have a deep desire to create wild success in an area of your life, but need support in manifesting it

  • Are committed to self improvement and are self-disciplined

  • Understand that only you can be the change you want to be in your life

  • Are comfortable speaking around extremely successful women

  • Want to embody nervous system regulation on the deepest level and wake up every day with ease and peace

  • Struggling a lot with chronic illness and are bedridden, unable to do most things, or in severe pain on a daily basis

  • Focused on healing a chronic illness and you don’t have dreams beyond that (yet!)

  • Struggling to stay disciplined

  • Feeling that there’s not much you can do to help yourself

  • Not confident speaking your mind in the presence of highly successful women

  • Not interested in exploring your spirituality

  • Uneasy with long-term commitments 

  • Anxious about investing in yourself

know that...

We invite less than 5% of people who apply. We cap at 20 students.

This is because we invite only those who are ready for this level of personal transformation. The work of releasing stuck energy and free falling into full regulation is hard, which is why many people in this world don’t achieve their wildest dreams, as this is what is necessary to create all that you desire.

We choose only those who are aligned.

If this is you, I invite you to apply now.


Faith Ashenden invites you to step into her world of LIMITLESS POTENTIAL, HEALTH and ABUNDANCE.

This is your personal invitation to apply to be a member of The NeuroLuxe Society.

please note: 

The NeuroLuxe Society is not another group coaching program.

It's not your typical manifestation or mindset work protocol. 

This is a private container consciously created to allow individuals to shift timelines and call in luxury, peace, euphoria, and FUN.

This space allows you to meet Yourself in a way that you never knew possible. There is no other space like it.

what to expect after you apply 

Once your application is received and reviewed, our team will reach out with more information. During this time, the team will ask questions to determine if you are a good fit for The NeuroLuxe Society. If we find that you are a good fit for the program, you will be invited into our exclusive space that's just right and perfectly aligned for you. 

you have been invited to apply become a member of the neuroluxe society