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Here’s How Maria Eliminated Painful Interstitial Cystitis Flares In Less Than 2 Months

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“I want everyone to be able to feel this way, and regulating the nervous system is a key component.”

“Everybody knows that a good diet, exercise, and stress management are important. Very few people talk about brain training and nervous system dysregulation. I felt like it was an important piece of the puzzle in my health journey.”

Maria’s Powerful Story of Healing

Like many people, Maria lived a hectic life in the corporate world of New York City.

“I was always working, always stressed out, drinking too much coffee, not sleeping enough,
artificial light all day, you know—New York!”

This seemed “normal” because that’s what everyone around her was doing.

“I wouldn't even give myself a proper 15 minutes to enjoy what I was eating. I was always in a
rush. I was eating in front of the computer just working, working, working.”

“My life was just work,
and I wasn't even aware of it.”

From the outside, everything looked great. She was moving up the corporate ladder, and she
was achieving the kind of success that everyone praises.

“I wouldn't even give myself a proper 15 minutes to enjoy what I was eating. I was always in a
rush. I was eating in front of the computer just working, working, working.”

“I did not realize how unhealthy and damaging this was.”

She thought she was doing fine, but she wasn’t.

One day, her body forced her to make profound changes to her life.

It all started with severe abdominal pain.

"I had no idea what it was. I didn't really pay much attention to it. I was too busy working.”

But as the days passed, the pain increased. So, she visited her primary care physician.

Assuming she had a UTI, he gave her antibiotics and said, “Easiest patient of the day, you'll be
fine in a few days.”

Maria instinctively knew, “It’s not that simple.”

Things only got worse.

It was no longer just abdominal pain. She began to experience a burning sensation down her leg, and she was also having trouble emptying her bladder

More doctors, more tests, more antibiotics…but still no answers.

“I was basically stuck to a bed, and I couldn't even go to work
because I couldn't be on the subway like that.

It was horrible. And I [felt like I] was going crazy.

She found herself crying on the phone to strangers, trying to get an appointment with anyone who could help.

“The doctors were just like, “It can't possibly be that bad because your tests are all fine.”

Finally, she got a diagnosis: interstitial cystitis.

A chronic condition with an unknown cause. Incurable.

She searched the internet to find others living with the condition, but that only deepened her despair. She discovered hopeless stories of people living in depression, unable to work, travel, or lead “normal” lives.

She felt lost and hopeless.

“When you feel like...your body is this broken machine, and you feel betrayed by your own body,
it is the most heartbreaking feeling of all because your body is your home. When you feel betrayed by your own home, it's like you have nowhere to go. It makes everything worse.”

Deep down, she knew there had to be another way.

She found a doctor who treated her symptoms with acupuncture, changed her diet to full paleo,
and supplemented with herbs.

But, most importantly, her doctor expressed confidence that she could heal completely. And
Maria decided to believe and trust in her body’s ability to heal.

Within three months, she was able to stop taking all of her medications.

He also suggested that the root cause of her bladder issues originated in her nervous system
and that she had a lot of nervous system work to do.

Maria fully committed to healing. And she took significant action.

● Left her toxic job
● Traveled abroad and took an entire year off to focus on healing
● Worked with functional doctors to find the root cause of some lingering health problems
● Taught herself how to relax and slow down
● Practiced meditation
● Tried numerous natural treatments and detox therapies
● Reconnected with her spirituality
● Changed her perspective and, ultimately, her entire life

Eventually, her health improved significantly…but something was missing.

“I was able to move, play sports, do things like that, but I knew that I [still] wasn't 100% me.

That’s when she met Faith on Instagram

“The more I learned about The Health Accelerator, the more I realized it was what I needed.”

Faith’s personal story of overcoming chronic illness resonated deeply with Maria.

Maria had never seen another program like Health Transformation Accelerator because HTA is designed specifically for people healing from chronic conditions through nervous system regulation.

She believed it was the missing piece in her healing journey

“Although I felt like I was already very advanced in my healing journey, I still needed to work on rewiring my brain and regulating my nervous system since I got used to living in a fight-or-flight mode for way too long.”

She joined Health Transformation Accelerator because she realized that she needed specific techniques to help her reprogram her brain.

Through HTA, Maria learned techniques to help regulate her nervous system.

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“When I became aware of the fear, I forced myself into a safe place more often, using the visualization techniques that Faith taught me.”

HTA helped her realize how much fear she still had of triggers and flares. 

“I had become afraid of triggers, without even realizing it. I avoided certain foods because knew they weren’t healthy, yes, but deep down, it also was because I was afraid I’d flare up again.”

As a part of the Health Transformation Accelerator community, Maria felt understood and empowered.

Although I had a good support system, I guess it’s normal to always feel alone in your chronic pain because no matter how much people love you, they’ll never truly understand what it’s like to live this way…”

“For the first time, I was surrounded by women who understood exactly, who lived it themselves. I felt so much love for these people I hardly knew, and I could feel their love as well.”

Maria discovered the importance of connecting with like-minded people during the healing journey especially since healing isn’t always linear.

“There are good days, and there are bad days, but it doesn't undo the progress. When I had a flare, which happened, it was nice to have the community reminding you that this is how it works.”

“The community aspect is so powerful and instrumental in healing. Sharing your story and then seeing everyone nod their heads is such an amazing feeling.”

Even though Maria was further along in her healing journey before joining the program, she still learned so much about herself while participating in Health Transformation Accelerator.

First, she strengthened her connection to herself.

“I think that if I didn’t join the program, I would still be struggling with my fear of flares without
even realizing it. The program helped me become aware that my present and future selves are
free of pain, free of discomfort, and that I should not be afraid anymore. The past is the past, I
got over it, and I won’t be sick again.”

“And even if a flare does eventually come up because healing isn’t linear, I won’t panic
anymore. I look at it from a different perspective in which my future self takes over and knows
that the moment will pass.”

She also changed her perspective and no longer made decisions out of fear

“I’m able to endure stressful situations without feeling pain. I don’t really eat unhealthy things or
drink much alcohol, but it’s because I enjoy this lifestyle, not because I’m afraid of being sick

“I now feel safer in my own body, like I have more control.”

Maria believes she came out stronger after participating in the Health Transformation
Accelerator, and she can’t stop sharing what she’s learned.

“I don’t think I will ever stop learning or spreading knowledge, and I think Faith and I share that same passion. After beating our illnesses on our own and fighting the mental battles, we became our own best sources of evidence that healing is possible.”

“After hearing Faith’s story, I knew that she would understand mine and would be able to help me better than anyone…I could see her passion too, and her genuine will to help others heal. That’s why I trusted her immediately.”