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Here’s How Audri healed her dairy and gluten intolerance in 6 weeks in the Health Transformation Accelerator

client case study

Take it from someone who tried everything
This made the difference.”

Then one day, Faith popped up in her Tik Tok feed. 

“I didn’t even care what I had at that point. I just needed someone to tell me that it’s possible to heal.”

If you want to start healing, making yourself your top investment cannot be an option. It has to be a priority.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining the Health Transformation Accelerator. 

“This program helped me by realizing that everything I need is inside of me. Faith taught me that my body was meant to heal and that my brain is so powerful. 

Ultimately, she gained more knowledge
and the one thing she wanted most:


This wasn’t just a program to me. It literally felt like a life preserver.” 

After joining the Health Transformation Accelerator, Audri:

● Felt seen, heard, and understood in a safe, supportive community
● Ditched restrictive eating and banished the fear of food
● Successfully reintroduced gluten, dairy, eggs, alcohol without flaring in less than 2 months
● Understood her body even more intimately than I ever before
● Connected with Faith as a mentor and felt truly cared for as Faith helped her transform her life
● Increased her energy
● Improved her sleep
● Found a new friend through the group
● Developed an overall better outlook on life
● Gained autonomy over her body and health

Suddenly, everything she learned from Faith in the Health Transformation Accelerator made total sense.

“Until that moment, I never understood how powerful our minds are.”

“Because I had no idea what was in it, my brain couldn’t tell my body that I was unsafe. So I was sending signals to my body that ‘I’m safe.’ I believed all of my ‘safe’ foods were in those cupcakes.”

So, Audri happily enjoyed the cupcakes her mom made, especially for her, on Super Bowl Sunday. She felt so supported when her mom proudly announced that the cupcakes met all of her dietary restrictions and requirements.

When she later asked her mom to share the recipe for the delicious treats, she learned the truth:

They were FULL of every single item on her food sensitivity list.

But she didn’t flare. She didn’t feel sick.

“I wasn’t eating gluten, dairy, eggs, whey, or soy. The story in my brain was that if I eat those things, I will flare–I will not feel good.”

Audri finally felt heard and understood! She also found a community of people who had experienced exactly what she was going through.

She learned:

● The nervous system has a massive responsibility in perpetuating chronic illness
● A negative mindset can prevent healing
● The brain can tell the body to respond to certain foods negatively

She began using Faith’s brain-training hacks. As a result, Audri was able to retrain her brain and take back her health.

But it wasn’t until she (accidentally) indulged in 20 cupcakes FULL of gluten and dairy during one week that Audri fully understood the impact of Faith's brain training techniques and saw a true transformation in her life.

When she joined the Health Transformation Accelerator, chronic illness severely restricted Audri’s diet.

What she learned in the
Health Transformation Accelerator program
truly changed her life.

She applied for Faith’s group coaching program as soon as it opened and was accepted. 

“I really had to learn that getting to answer to what’s going on and starting the healing process are two completely different things.”

Even after Audri got some answers about her physical health from a functional practitioner, she still knew she had work to do.

I knew I found someone who was doing things differently, and I needed to know more.”

“I think I binged every video on her page over the course of two hours. I had never seen anyone talk about the type of stuff I was experiencing, and more importantly, nobody was talking about hope or healing.

The synchronicity and timing were undeniable.
It was meant to be.
Faith crossed her path for a reason.

She didn’t think she was ever going to find a solution.

Eventually, Audri found a naturopath who helped her tackle candida overgrowth, but she still felt like a puzzle piece was missing in her life.

“It was hard for me to sit up. It was hard to walk. The symptoms felt so real. I was like, ‘How is this possible that this is just in my head?’”

“It was the most crushing feeling in my whole life.”

“I'll never forget the day before they sent me home. They said, ‘So we have decided you have very bad anxiety.’

After being admitted to the hospital for four days after a flare that involved fever, severe cramping, bloating, plus elevated white blood counts, she got released with zero answers from the many specialists she saw.

That’s when she hit her lowest point.

“I went to Google. I started spiraling, and it all just kind of cascaded from there.”

She needed answers. She needed hope.

It all started when Audri experienced crushing abdominal pain, which sent her to the E.R., but no one could figure out what was wrong. Their best guess was it was “colon-related,” so she began a treatment of powerful antibiotics.

Soon afterward, she became symptomatic for the first time, developing oral thrush.

“There were times when [my condition] left me truly depressed with no joy.”

Worse yet, she couldn’t explain how she felt to anyone. No one understood what she was going through.

“I felt very trapped, anxious, and miserable. I had zero confidence that anything could be done to heal. I was so angry at my body for how I felt it had betrayed me.”

Audri felt like a victim of her symptoms.

Chronic illness put pressure on her relationships, affected her work, and stopped her from all travel.

“I had seen every medical specialist you can think of, and they were all like, ‘Nope, you’re fine.’”

Audri had always been healthy, but suddenly, she found herself sicker than she’d ever been before.

It was utterly devastating. It was the most terrifying thing I could imagine.”

After two years of endless (and unhelpful) medical testing and hospitalization for chronic illness, Audri felt hopeless.

“I felt like I was on death’s doorstep, but I kept being told that nothing was wrong with me.”

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