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How Hannah Released Deeply Stored Trauma, Healed Debilitating Anxiety For Good, And Reduced The Symptoms Of Dermatomyositis

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As she was working through her new medications, she had to navigate what life would be like with this new diagnosis. She was able to assemble her own health team that would help her rely less on the medications and work with her own body to heal.

In this time, Hannah had seen functional medicine doctors, followed specific diets and exercise but she was still experiencing roadblocks.

Soon after, Hannah would come across one of Faith’s TikToks sharing about nervous system regulation and the HTA program.

“I made that connection that your nervous system is your foundation. Everything else builds upon that. If you have a rocky foundation to begin with, your house is going to fall.”

“I have tried all the things and this is something that resonates with me so I am going to do it.”

“This was also one of the driving forces for me to join this program. I don’t want to have to be on infusions anymore. I want my body to function properly and how it was intended to.”

“It was March of 2018. I was in my undergrad and it was spring break. In a week, I was unable to lift my arms up above my head. That progressed to me not being physically able to lift myself up out of bed, shower myself or dress myself. All within a span of a month.”

After a muscle biopsy from her left thigh, Hannah received her diagnosis of dermatomyositis. Next step was determining what cocktail of medications were going to help Hannah manage her autoimmune disease.

From here, Hannah would receive regular infusions of immune suppressing medication to keep her immune system from attacking itself.

“I was basically trying to survive the day the best I could as I was looking for answers. I was googling every single symptom, trying to put a name to what was going on.”

In that short amount of time, Hannah had lost nearly 15 lb of muscle. At just 24 years old, she felt like she was battling with her body, just trying to make it through her college finals.

During this time, Hannah was looking for answers and feeling like nobody around her truly understood the significance of what she was experiencing.

Hannah shares her story of being a preemie baby, born at just 5lbs, with a broken collar bone at birth. At 2 years old, Hannah underwent open heart surgery and eye surgery at 3 years old.

As she grew up, she started to experience psoriasis, acne, sleep issues, anxiety and in 2018 an official autoimmune diagnosis of dermatomyositis.

Hannah considered herself healthy most of her life but this was the point that everything started to turn on her.

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“Everything that I had gone through up until then had prepared me for really diving deep. You are going to get out of it what you put into it.” 

After she discovered nervous system regulation, brain training and subconscious work, Hannah was ready to dive in and see what it had to offer her.

Through HTA, Hannah was able to learn more about her mind- body connection and how the nervous system plans a role in health.

Hannah is an occupational therapist and had studied about the nervous system but after joining HTA, it finally clicked how important the nervous system was in her own health.

She soon began the subconscious work that would remove her limitations and allow her to create the sturdy foundation she has been working towards all along. 

“As I am discovering more about myself, it is like I am lifting these weights off my shoulders that I placed on myself over the years, unintentionally. It feels good to put that behind, set it down and move forward and grow.”

Hannah struggled with anxiety for as long as she could remember. After HTA, she now understands that her subconscious beliefs that lead to her anxiety all started as a thought that your mind accepted as truth. She learned once you make that thought a belief, your mind is going to look for more evidence that your new belief is true.

“I have to think, did that belief come from me or someone else. Where did that thought come from because I know at one time I did not feel that way about myself. It is constant worry and doubt and it constantly takes over.”

Things changed for the better once Hannah believed she was in control of her own reality from her work within the HTA program. 

“It is amazing when you start to change that inner narrative. It is hard to do. You have to be aware and conscious of when that enters your brain and saying no I don’t agree with that and swapping it out with something else.”

Hannah used the knowledge and tools inside HTA to change her inner narrative and stop the constant cycle of anxiety going on in her mind. 

“Breathwork is another thing that has completely saved my life. Taking those deep breaths in the morning. Setting those intentions of what you want to get out of the day. You are the writer of your own book and in control of your own reality. You are in control of what that story looks like.”

Hannah was ready to change her mindset and do the inner work to create the reality of her dreams. In changing her mindset, she was able to take back her power and the control over her life.

She started seeing results once she understood the brain-body connection and the impact of the work inside the HTA program.

“I am all about the science. That is what I loved about the program. It wasn’t just superficial talk, watch this video, do the work. You [Faith] explain the reasons behind why you are doing the work.

Really making that connection of what is going on in your body on a physiological level when you are doing these things and how much of an impact just your thoughts and words make on your every day life.”

Hannah learned through the HTA program that her beliefs were the key to overcoming her chronic illness and anxiety.

With the support of the HTA cohort and her boyfriend, Hannah was about to deconstruct the beliefs that were limiting her healing.

“It was time because those beliefs were ruling my everyday. Having the support that I needed, knowing internally how desperate I was to do this work and then doing it. You have to make that commitment to yourself.”

Hannah learned the power of prioritizing herself and her health. By giving HTA her full attention, Hannah was able to deconstruct her subconscious beliefs and rewire her brain to eliminate the anxiety she had been experiencing for years. 

Within the program, Hannah discovered that she was still experiencing the effects of unprocessed trauma in her body. 

“Going into this program, I thought I had already healed the trauma that came back up. I was terrified to ever put myself back into the situation I was in when I first flared [Boxing]. I believed I had done it to myself.

That trauma had popped back up while doing this work and it was an out of body experience. It was stored in my body and I had to let it out.

I was able to put the pieces together of my old trauma. In that moment I was releasing all of those negative thoughts and it was pivotal to my healing. For the first time in years, I was able to take a deep breath. ”

Hannah was able to identify and uproot the beliefs surrounding her past trauma that allowed her to heal and move forward. 

Hannah uses the tools and resources she learned inside the HTA program to stay present in her life and continue to find the joy in each moment. 

“Being present in the moment looked completely different before the program than it does now. It's just bringing yourself fully into that moment of what is going on around you and engaging your senses. Living for what that moment is intended to be and not all the extra clutter of everything else.  ”

Being present and mindful in each moment has changed the way Hannah experiences life. Even with her patients, Hannah is able to set intentions and feel empathy for her patients more than she had in the past. 

She says mindfulness and presences and helped her recognize moments that she needs additional support to stay regulated and has even helped her digestion because of her ability to stay mindful while eating her meals. 

"The changes that I have seen are exactly the results I wanted for myself. It has also allowed me to have the belief that I am in control and I can do this."

We are incredibly proud of the work Hannah put into her healing and the results she has experienced since joining HTA. 

Hannah says she has scheduled an appointment to return to boxing. She is ready to return and make new, joyful memories doing what she loves.